Our  Calendar

Use our calendar to plan programs for an individual athlete or a group of athletes. 

You can copy or move around workouts, goals or events at the push of a button.

All calendar items are available immediately for users on the web or on the mobile app. 

We deliver data and reports after every workout and allow you to easily view missed workouts, performance, totals by discipline and more.

  • endurance sports


  • cycling running swimming triathlon marathon


  • business management

Use our calendar to plan programs for individual athlete or a group of athlete.

U can copy, paste one or multiple workouts,events goals easily.

You can view week totals by discipline .

all calendar item will be available immediately for users on the web and on the mobile app.

You can allows access workout reports and easily view workouts that were missed.

Or better yet, use our GamePlan

Our GamePlan allows you to view goals in the long run.

Set a goal way in the future but break the plan down to periods. 

The GamePlan allows you to view workouts, summaries, totals, performance charts all in one place.

Workout report

A workout report is available via the calendar and the GamePlan.

Find all information or data you may seek right here.





workout report is available via the calendar

and the GamePlan.

You can find all the information you will

ever need here

Manage groups & individual athletes

Manage individual athletes or groups by discipline, age, level etc. 

Manage an athlete within a group according to your definition and needs.


Communicate with other athletes, coaches or groups within your club using our push notification messaging service. 

You can create closed groups, broadcast (online workouts) and attach a workout to a message. 

This feature is available both on mobile and on desktop.


Manage zones, personal info, preferences and connect your preffered device - GoHeja is compatible with Garmin, Suunto, Polar and FitBit.

Completed workouts will automatically be uploaded to GoHeja for you to view.

Workout builder

Create structured workouts using our workout builder. 

Our workout builder appears in two versions - blocks and horizontal.  

Use any parameter you wish - zones, range, deviation from a specific race, RPE and many more.

The structured workout will customize the workout for each athlete according to each individuals parameters and can be uploaded to Garmin devices.


Create your own merchant zone and easily define subscription plans for your club. 

We'll help you save time, make more money and you can focus on what you love most - Sports.

Private e-store

Use your merchant zone to create your own store and sell branded clothing and uniforms, nutrition and nutrition plans , training camps, tickets, events and more.