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About GoHeja!

Our Story


We are sports lovers and sports enthusiasts, some are IronMan finishers, some are weekend warriors and recently a physiological professor and a Tour de France coach joined our advisory board.

Go Heja is an integrated platform that puts the athlete at the center of everything the coach does. We provide powerful analytics, communications, CRM and administrative tools in order for coaches to train their athletes and improve their business. In turn, by doing that, coaches offer a much better experience to their clients who train and perform better. 


In a one stop shop (available both on mobile and desktop) the coach can: 

  • Create a customized workout for individuals or groups and use any parameters they choose (like zones, range, intensity, load, etc.). Similar to a Gant Chart our embedded game plan feature allows them to set a goal way in the future while breaking down the plan in smaller periods.

  • They can create a workout report for each one of their clients to analyze the gap between what the coach established as a goal and the actual metrics achieved

  • They can establish a multiple interaction channel that integrates Zoom, WhatsApp and a messaging system to make communication easier and in a much more efficient way

  • They can set up their own subscription plans and 

  • Have an e-commerce store with their own merchandise 


So from now on, the coach doesn’t need to check many different applications or devices to get the information they need to do their job.

Go Heja for Running Tech Challenge

Go Heja for Running Tech Challenge

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